31+ Best Bathroom Tile Ideas for Floor, Showers & Walls

You already know tile is perfect for the bathroom, but did you know how many different bathroom tile ideas there are? With thousands of choices for durable, easy-to-clean tiles and endless designs and arrangements, you can always create a completely unique bathroom tile design.

Tile is often the most used material in the bathroom — so choosing the right one is an easy way to kick up your bathroom’s style. See how top designers create lovely loos with marble, ceramic, porcelain and glass tile.

You’ve finally got around to decorating your small bathroom and you’re really keen on the idea of tiles, but you have no idea what sort of tile will work best in a tiny room. Fear not, we have some fantastic bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms right here!

1. Be Brave With Tiles

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Graphic tiles can make a bold statement—and the Escher-like pattern in this bathroom from Suzy Hoodless is definitely bold. But it works because it’s used with restraint, only being used beneath the mirror. This is a good guideline to follow when using graphic tiles (take them all the way to the ceiling, and they’ll quickly become overwhelming), and the horizontal effect it creates visually elongates the space.

2. Install Tiles Vertically to Create Height

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In this modern bathroom, the ceramic tiles are installed vertically to emphasize the geometry of the space and give the illusion of height. Also, by combining different tiles in similar colors, you further emphasize the size of the space while creating a sense of visual texture.


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A half-bathroom is the perfect place to get adventurous with your decor and color palette.

4. Subway Tile With A Twist

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Gray-grouted subway tiles help add dimension to an all-white bathroom.

5. You Can’t Go Wrong With Chevron

A Simple bathroom tile ideas small room #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

It’s your favorite pattern for a reason—now try it on on your bathroom floor.

6. Black Floor Tiles

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This cozy little bathroom from A Beautiful Mess may be small, but it doesn’t feel cramped. The small black mosaic tiles would feel overwhelming if used throughout the walls, but by keeping them confined to just the floor, the rest of the room feels airy and light.

7. Pay Attention to the Tile Glazes

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Together with her husband, Brian, artist Edith Heath founded Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, Calif., in 1948. Their focus was on bringing out the natural beauty of the clay. The company still makes tiles using the same production techniques developed by Edith in 1948.

8. Cherry (Blossom) On Top

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This master bath was inspired by hanami, the Japanese tradition of going to see the blossoms as part of a celebration of spring.

9. Vintage Vibes

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If you don’t have a modern bath, play up your houses history. These turquoise tilesup the 1930s-inspired vibe.

10. Consider Glossy Wall Tiles

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Though glossy tiles are a no-no on the floor, using them on the walls can reflect even more light and make a small bathroom feel spacious. The pale green tiles used in this bathroom from At Home in Love are just glossy enough to create the feel of a larger bathroom without looking dated.

11. Use One Tile for the Entire Space

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Charleston, S.C., designer Cortney Bishop prefers to use one tile for the entire space as a way to create a cohesive look. If the scale of the chosen tile is too large to use everywhere, Cortney cuts the chosen tile down to scale to maintain the continuity and then creates a spa-like feel by taking the tile all the way to the ceiling.


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Opt for jewel tones and darker shades to create a decadent escape.

13. Boho Goals

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The tile pattern in this 1970s beach house bathroom is based on a block print from India. It’s how to make boho feel a bit more modern.

14. Lay Tiles in a Brick Bond

Phenomenal bathroom tile ideas beige #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

Despite its small size, this modern bathroom spotted on beckiowens’s Instagram page is big on style. There are many different tiles used in this room, which add a lot of visual interest and distract from the smallness of the space. The brick bond pattern used on the walls is a great choice—it avoids the claustrophobic feel a grid pattern can sometimes create, and also visually extends the wall space.

15. Keep Floors and Walls the Same

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For this small bathroom, Kriste Michelini creates a luxurious hotel feeling by keeping the floor and wall tiles the same. The entire space is wrapped in a black tile that’s offset with a wall-mounted vanity. Photo courtesy of Kriste Michelini.


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Blue and silver make for an incredibly modern and stylish color combo.

17. Silver Lining

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Silver travertine tiles line the walls and floor of a Boston townhouse’s master bath, and it’s insanely chic.

18. Stunning Tile Options for Small Bathrooms

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When the time comes to renovate your small bathroom, there are many things to consider: Should you stick with bright colors? Is it time to ditch that bulky tub? Can large tiles work in a small space? Designing a small bathroom means you’ll have to be clever and purposeful with every decision, and your bathroom’s tile is one of the first things you’ll notice when you step into the room.

Retiling your small bathroom can be a big task, but the payoff is well worth it. And whether you decide to use space-widening whites like in this bathroom from The DIY Playbook or you want to mix it up a bit, there are virtually endless choices for creating your own personal spa.

19. Get Creative

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This modern and uber-hip small bathroom, designed by Brian Patrick Flynn, is full of outside-the-box ideas. From the graphic pattern on the door, created by attaching cut wood planks, to the mosaic tile accent wall that Brian added to both brighten up the vanity area and make the walls feel taller.


Brilliant small bathroom tile layout ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

Since you can’t exactly line your shower with wallpaper, get that eclectic look with patterned tiles.


Wonderful bathroom tile ideas wall #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

Try matching your tile and paint to really take monochromatic design to the next level.

22. Small, But Impactful

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Hand-painted Portuguese tiles brings color to this tiny powder room.

23. Check Yourself

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The shower stall of a California guest bathroom features a checkerboard pattern. Since the busy tile is relegated to only the shower floor, it doesn’t feel too chaotic.


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Earthy yet stylish, brown bathroom tiles are ideal for upgrading a country home or adding a rustic twist to a modern apartment.

25. Moroccan Your Socks Off

Amazing bathroom wall tile layout ideas #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

This T-shaped carpet of tile in a Moroccan pattern runs right under the vanity, so every space is covered.

26. Cast A Hex

A Simple bathroom tile ideas white and grey #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

If you want max drama, go with a dynamic hexagonal-tile. With a chandelier and gold clawfoot tub, this bathroom is living its most glam life.


Inspiring bathroom tile ideas picture gallery #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

This classic motif is particularly striking in an unexpected dark blue shade.

28. Feelin’ Blue

List bathroom tile ideas natural stone #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

The pattern—and trio of niches—set off a jewel-like mirror in this tiled shower.

29. Ring Around The Rosie

new bathroom tile ideas natural #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

The circular motif of the tile in this San Francisco master bathroom echos the round stool and Roman shade.


concept bathroom tile ideas classic #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

Navy and white is a classic color pairing that makes a statement, while still harmonizing with neutral colors.

31. Bathroom Tile Ideas

Unique bathroom tile ideas blue and white #bathroomtileideas #bathroomtileideasfloor #bathroomtileideasforshower

If you want to make your bathroom look so beautiful, you can begin the transformation of your bathroom from its paint. Do you think your bathroom looks so dull? Give some temporary, vibrant and bright colors to revitalize the look of your bathroom. You might love the greens, beige and browns with their natural shades.

Beautiful place will need some beautiful details to complete the magnificent look. It is always possible to beautify the look of your bathroom sink and vanity with the addition of a contemporary mirror or a bouquet of roses. You can also arrange your collection of perfume and place them on the vanity if you want to have elegant look for your bathroom.

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