25+ Best Bedroom Paint Colors Ideas and Design for You

When it comes to choosing bedroom decor, it’s no surprise that the most commonly used adjectives include “relaxing,” “tranquil,” and “peaceful.” Energy and stimulation are best left to the living room or kitchen—your bedroom strives to be the calm zone. And that calm should extend even to your walls, where the right color of paint sets the tone for the entire space.

But a soothing color of paint doesn’t have to mean boring, nor does it have to mean white. Paint shops are full of hues that keep the space tranquil, yet are still sophisticated, elegant, and interesting. Here are 17+ Best paint colors that won’t keep you up at night but are anything but dull.

Master bedroom paint colors can set the mood, invigorate a space, or create a calming atmosphere. Choose from our favorite paint ideas for every style of bedroom to get a colorful look you love.

1.Cobalt Cool

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Bunk beds never looked so chic. The South Carolina bedroom has bold blue bunk beds accented with a geometric pattern, and features built-in bookshelves for late-night reading.

2. Corkboard

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This bedroom’s walls look almost like corkboard. With some cream and tan paint and some texturing, you can easily create this same look inside your bedroom revamp. Adding texture to paint, or just using textured paint is a modern trend that is truly taking off.

3. Caponata

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Dark and moody colors of paint aren’t for everyone, but if you appreciate their dramatic effect, they can be very calming. The trick is to stick with dark hues of cool colors, such as this delicious brownish-purple from Benjamin Moore. The color is called Caponata.

4. Retro Vibes

Amazing bedroom paint colors vastu #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This master bedroom has a very retro feel to it thanks to the pink, tangerine, and lavender color palette, paisley linen, and zigzag pattern on the floor.

5. Space Blue

A Simple bedroom paint colors red #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This is the best kid’s bedroom concept I’ve seen. So much science and space integrated into one space is sure to spearhead a brilliant mind! Your child can fall asleep under his or her own sky full of stars with this deep blue sky color. The attributes are clearly hand painted, which makes the space much more special.

6. Pretty in Pink

Inspiring bedroom paint colors mood #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Love pink, but fear it’s too childish? Choose a bolder fuchsia. Contrast it with a grounding color, like green.

7. Mellow Blue

List bedroom paint colors as per vastu #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This mellow blue color on the walls is called Composed SW6472 by Sherwin Williams. This is an ideal color for a more modern, artistic bedroom that features only minimal embellishing or distracting elements. The color of the walls alone is enough to add intrigue into this given space.

8. Navy Crazy

new bedroom paint colors 2017 images #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Navy blue literally never goes out of style. A textured, rattan bed helps add a fun, boho edge to the traditional color.

9. Elegant Bedroom

concept bedroom paint colors 2015 #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This classic, almost vintage Victorian inspired bedroom features plenty of elegant embellishments to make the space intriguing. The color of the walls is Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams, and acts as a delicate canvas to all these interesting embellishments.

10. Grass Green

Unique bedroom paint color schemes gray #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

In the master bedroom of this East Hampton, New York, house, strong doses of white balance the summery intensity of the wall. It feels fresh and clean.

11. Perfect Kids Bedroom

Gorgeous bedroom paint color examples #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Look how happy and full of life this bedroom is! These colors combined, the orange, yellow and navy blue, make for the perfect kid’s bedroom or nursery scene. Again, interesting colors combined is a great way to set a different tone to any given space.

12. Moderation Is Key

Surprising interior paint colors pinterest #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Doses of bright hues bring personality without overwhelming this New York apartment. Boiled wool was used for the curtains and headboard to create a cozy and enveloping feel.

13. Storm Clouds

Perfect bedroom paint colors meanings #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This bedroom looks like the calm after the storm with all these great gray and purple accents. The color of the walls is Light Gray and the interesting bedspread only adds more intrigue into the space. I swear, you just can’t go wrong with gray walls as the prominent color.

14. A Lotta Terracotta

Phenomenal earthy bedroom paint colors #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

A Canadian townhouse’s guest bedroom exudes warmth with terracotta walls. A large, statement piece of art helps break up the dark color.

15. ‘Merica

Sensational bedroom paint colors with wood trim #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This bright, cheery room feels totally kid-friendly. The existing red carpet was paired with hand-painted blue walls.

16. Strawberry Cheesecake

Fantastic bedroom paint colors with oak trim #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This bedroom looks good enough to eat, just like a piece of fresh strawberry cheesecake! The bedroom walls are wonderfully subdued pink in Innocence SW6302 by Sherwin Williams and features just enough cream into the mix to keep this pink from being too, too pink.

17. Peacock Blue

Unbelievable bedroom paint colors for small rooms #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

A blue wall covering livens up this New York master bedroom. The warm browns in the bed are an earthy counterpoint to the strong blue.

18. Forest Feels

Spectacular bedroom paint colors peach #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Unexpected, totally, but we’re so here for this earthy, forest green. Combine it with rich, patterned textiles and we’re done for.

19. Modern and Earthy

Awesome bedroom paint colors and moods #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This bedroom casts both modern and earthy tones with various colors throughout the room. The color of the walls are Templeton Gray HC-161 by Benjamin Moore and sets an earthier toned compared to the interesting flooring. The cream carpet only ads brightens to the space and allows other colors to shine.

20. A Warm Fire

Brilliant interior paint colors open floor plans #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This modern rustic bedroom color pairs well with the bedroom’s bold decor. The solid, fiery, rust color that comes through in the Firenze by Benjamin Moore creates a gorgeous base that allows the stark white accents to contrast beautifully. While this side of the color wheel is often reserved for kitchens and dining rooms, it really works with this bedroom setting.

21. Stacked Cream

Wonderful bedroom paint colors with light brown furniture #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This ceiling feature is an interesting way to add height to a room, and the fact that they are painted in various cream colors is only made a highlighting accent by the darker gray walls. The walls are set in Stormy Weather by Sherwin Williams and help tie the room tougher without any further distraction.

22. Burnt Pink

Popular top 5 bedroom paint colors #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This bedroom features a lot of classic attributes – everything from the sleek wooden furniture to the interesting wall art. One of the most prominent aspects of this bedroom is the richly colored walls in Cool Lava by Benjamin Moore 2088-50 in Flat Latex Finish. The walls are super with these attributes.

23. Royal Ready

Famous bedroom paint colors yellow #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This wonderful bedroom features a royal feeling with the heavy drapes, intricate brick décor and strong bedding. The color of the walls is 1099 Byzantine Gold by Benjamin Moore and really ties the whole room together. These are all bold furnishing choices, but the wall color helps encompass that royal feeling.

24. Teal and Blue

Best zen bedroom paint colors #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

This wonderful bedroom is set in a bluish teal color that is adoringly modern. The color of the walls is Calypso by Sherwin Williams. This fun, vibrant color is sure to be the hit of the house since it’s not only fun, but calming, as well.

25. Aqua

Amazing interior paint color recommendations #bedroompaintcolors #bedroompaintideas #bedroomideas

Aqua is one of the more fun and brilliant blues on the color wheel. It’s a happy shade that will still make you feel right at home – no matter the theme you choose to go with.

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