35+ DIY Craft for Kids & Fun Activities to Do With Your Kids

On the hunt for some Fun Craft for Kids??

The kiddos will love these creative craft projects and ideas ~ perfect to keep those cute little hands busy!  Craft time is the perfect way to fill those long summer days… or rainy days… or snowy days!!

What a great way to keep the kiddos occupied without the TV or Tablets! Keep your kid smiling all day with these Fun Crafts for Kids!

1. DIY Bubble Wrap Prints 

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Kids love boxes (got a moving box-turned-fort in your house?), so show them how bubble wrap can be just as fun.

2. Turkey Paper Craft for Kids

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Hand your kids a stack of colorful paper, some scissors, and the instructions for this turkey to keep them entertained while the food cooks!

3. Mason Jar Aquarium

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A great craft idea kids can make on play dates. Add plants and rocks for a real-looking DIY aquarium. But do remember this mason jar aquarium is only for pretend play, so no live fish or animals should be in it.

4. Paper Pumpkin Ornaments

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Hang these construction-paper pumpkin ornaments from your ceiling to spread the fall excitement.

5. DIY Artsy Collages

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It’s amazing how a piece of paper loaded up with watercolor doodles, stickers and pictures from thrifted design books becomes instant art when framed.

6. Turkey Corner Bookmark

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When the adults are convening in the living room for after dinner drinks, set up a craft corner for the kids where they can make these turkey corner bookmarks.

7. Cardboard Box Car

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You may need to do the box cutting for this cool cardboard box car but the kids will surely want to have a say in how the decoration goes. Have them attach the stickers and wheels, too!

8. Leaf Hanging

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Have your children write down what they’re thankful for on the back of each paper leaf. Pile them on every year for a cute fall keepsake.

9. DIY Soap Boat

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File this under genius parenting hacks: A piece of rain gutter picked up at the hardware store becomes a slick race track when you add water and an adorable soap boat.

10. Turkey Treat Bucket

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This one is for the kids — but we won’t blame you if you grab a few candies from this festive bucket ever time you pass it.

11. Clothes Pin Animal Puppets

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Assist your child with printing and let them do the rest. These clothes pin animal puppets will take playing pretend to the next level.

12. Leaf People

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Step outside to grab a few pretty fall leaves to create these adorable leaf people.

13. DIY Race Track

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Take your washi tape stash to the floor to create a colorful, customizable race track for tiny cars — and a place to park them when playtime is over.

14. Turkey Finger Puppet

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Liven up the kids table this holiday by handing out these adorable turkey finger puppets after dessert and telling them to come up with a show.

15. DIY Balloon Rocket

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Balloons are a classic childhood staple. It never fails to provide kids of all ages hours of fun and entertainment. This DIY balloon rocket is an easy craft that doubles as a science experiment. Any kid will be fascinated by this simple craft project.

16. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

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Apples and craft paint make the cutest pumpkins!

17. DIY Owl Puppet

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Handprint turkey, step aside: A new paper craft can rule the roost. Add string to the cup’s sides, and you’ve got yourself a feathered cap, too.

18. Turkey Windsocks

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Get the kids excited for Thanksgiving by making these windsocks weeks in advance, then hang them around or outside of the house for cute decorations.

19. Fun Handprint Canvas Art Ideas

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Something adorable even toddlers can do. Help their imagination soar with what animal or insect they can come up with using their own prints.

20. Cardboard Box Spiders

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These spooky spiders are so easy to make (from just cardboard and pipe cleaners) that your kids can make several to hang in their rooms.

21. DIY Spiky Sponges

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When skipping through the sprinkler loses its charm, pull out these homemade spiky sponges for a riff on water balloons (that won’t cause bruising).

22. Thankful Tree

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Write down all the blessings you and your family are grateful for and then display them with this DIY decor item.

23. DIY Slime Recipes

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Let your budding scientist create one or all these fun DIY slime recipes. Once done, let them have a one of kind experience they’ll surely treasure for years to come! This is a great souvenir for children’s birthday parties, too.

24. Paper Pumpkins

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Let your kids’ imaginations run wild by encouraging them to craft pumpkins in a variety of colors and patterns.

25. DIY Fairy Garden

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To you, it’s just glitter; to them it’s magical pixie dust. Sprinkle some over your pint-sized garden and wait for the fairies to come out and play!

26. Ombre Pinecones

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Brighten your table and home with these beautiful and vibrant ombre pinecones.

27. Falling Leaves Garland

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This sparkly garland comes together with artificial leaves, glue, and lots of glitter!

28. DIY Thumbprint Family Tree

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Get in touch with your roots via a hands-on genealogical project. Dot the print-out template with thumbprint leaves, then start mapping extended relatives galore.

29. Decorative Paper Pumpkins

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Want a centerpiece that lasts longer than real pumpkins do? Make these elegant paper pumpkin centerpieces instead.

30. Lollipop Spiders

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These creepy-crawlies are a perfect trick and treat for Halloween visitors.

31. Kraft Paper Placemats

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Personalize kids’ spots at the table with fall-colored markers and chalkboard markers.

32. Super Simple Black Cat

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A jagged tail adds a spooky touch to the classic Halloween character.

33. Yarn Wrapped Mummy

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String a bunch of mummies together to make a festive Halloween banner.

34. Celery Stamped Owl Craft

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This might be the only time you don’t want your kids to eat their veggies! Have your little ones use a celery stalk to stamp feathers on this paper cutout.

35. Scarecrow Craft

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This adorable (and inexpensive) project is anything but scary.

36. Sweet and Simple Felt Apple Craft

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The tastiest complement to this cute craft? An apple dessert, of course!

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