27+ Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Inspire You

If you’re trying to decorate a home, it can sometimes feel like your options are limited. And while there’s not much you can do to add square footage, there are plenty of ways to make your tiny apartment feel perfectly put together. The key is taking advantage of the largest open spaces you have— living room wall decor ideas

Those empty walls are filled with possibilities and a few additions can make a apartment feel cozy and stylish, instead of stark and cramped. No matter your style, there are tricks that can amp up your walls and bring out your personality and taste. Whether you’re an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls can be customized so that you can be surrounded by the things you adore.

In addition to adding to the walls, think about decorating the walls themselves. Try using a bright and bold paint color to create an accent wall, or bring in pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, and other decorative paint techniques. (Think about transforming your ceiling while you’re at it!) These decorative accents can have an even bigger impact in a space.

If you’re ready to take your space to the next level, we’ve gathered some inspiration to get you started. Browse these living room wall decor ideas that are sure to add style to your home. take a look at some of these living room wall decor ideas. Inspiration awaits.

1. Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Diptychs

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Hang two works side by side or in a line with each other to create a diptych. Like you would with a gallery wall, take measurements and be precise. “An easy mistake to make when dealing with all art is misplacement,” says Bikoff. Avoid this common wall décor pitfall by taking into account the size of the art, the wall, and the flow of the rest of the room.

2. Try Rustic Reclaimed Wood

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A wall in the living area of Hilary Swank’s Manhattan home is clad with planks of reclaimed barn wood; the photograph is by Jackie Nickerson, and the painting is by Carlos Vega.

3. DIY Wall Shelf

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Love the look of floating shelves but can’t drill a ton of holes in your wall? This Easy Hanging Rope Shelf DIY from A Beautiful Mess is sturdy enough to store your beloved books and baubles and hangs from just two hooks.

4. Large Clock with Windows and Wreaths

Amazing living room entrance wall design #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

This colorful arrangement combines window frames with bay leaf wreaths. A large clock hangs in the middle of the wall. Cute garden themed decorations take center stage in the room, enlivening the décor. This living room arrangement is a nice example of how styles can mix and blend for a different effect.

5. Large-Scale Paintings

A Simple living room 3d wall stickers #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Hang a painting on an empty wall in your living room to give the space a striking visual element. The bigger the piece, the more profound the statement. Here, a tall painting fits perfectly on a narrow wall near a doorway. Beyond the hall hangs yet another framed artwork, giving the living room depth and contrast. While Bikoff believes anyone can hang a lightweight painting, a massive painting like this might call for a professional.

6. Lend A Rustic Touch

Inspiring living room 3d wall #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Staggered artwork (including a drawing by Jean Cocteau), 19th-century French gouaches and a mirror are accented by an antique water-buffalo skull in this Greenwich village penthouse. The antique Swedish sofa and Baroque chair, right, are upholstered in Robert Kime fabrics.

7. Off the Grid

List living room wallpaper 2017 #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Attach a wall grid panel to a narrow wall, just like Hello Lidy did in her family room, and score loads of unexpected storage space. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

8. Window Frame with Bay Leaf Wreath

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Old window frames are an extremely popular element of farmhouse and rustic style. This large window frame leans up against the back of a mantel. A muted bay leaf wreath hangs by a wide burlap ribbon. The mantel arrangement is simple and understated with a cute scripted “Our Nest” sign. Topiaries and greenery add natural touches.

9. lternative Art

concept living room wall color according to vastu #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Instead of a traditional painting or print, opt for something more dynamic, like this sculptural object placed above the fireplace. Although a coveted spot in the living room, the space above the mantel often goes underutilized. Rethink mounting a television above the fireplace and go for something more artistic and interesting to fill the blank space.

10. Split A Photo

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A painting of a 1970s plane split into three canvases makes a dramatic statement in retail guru Jeffrey Kalinsky’s minimalist New York apartment. The painting is from Wyeth and the walls are sheathed in Venetian plaster.

11. Crates for Days

Gorgeous living room wall art uk #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

For as simple as they are, wooden crates can form an insanely chic wall display. Case in point: this wall of wooden storage crates in a Connecticut coffee shop featured on West Elm’s blog, which offers plenty of storage opportunity (but still looks just as good when empty).

12. Try a Vertical Garden

Surprising living room with partial wall and 3 support columns #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Turn an empty wall into a full-blown vertical garden with this leather-and-wood trellis DIY courtesy of Vintage Revivals.

13. Oversized Stenciled Signs Over the Sofa

Perfect living room half wall designs #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

This wall features stenciled signs with a sentimental message. The frames are oversized for a dramatic look. The framed signs take precedence on the wall, with no other decorations hanging nearby. The chalkboard quality of the signs fits in with rustic living room wall decor, and it also fits in with this elegant living room.

14. Try Plaster Paneling

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Create artwork on your walls without hanging a single frame. This London townhouse’s library has plaster paneling in a custom design. The painted table is from the 1940s, the bench is by André Arbus and the vase is by Marianna Kennedy. The abaca rug is by Stark.

15. Paint a Wall Motif with Paint Pens

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Looking for a fun design project to do over a rainy weekend? Grab a couple of pieces of cardboard and paint pens and stencil your own statement wall just like Laura on A Beautiful Mess did.

16. Homey Simplicity in Rustic Wall Décor

Fantastic living room wall of windows #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Rustic home décor can be elaborate or very simple. This arrangement takes simplicity to heart. Over a French door hangs a “Home” sign in distressed wood. The wood color blends beautifully with the eggshell walls. The clean lines of this sign fit in with the understated décor of the living room.

17. Hang A Tapestry

Unbelievable kajaria living room wall tiles #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

This Mexican treehouse has a living room with worldly charm, distinguished most notably by a tapestry created from a traditional Bhutanese man’s robe and hung on the wall. The sofa and ottoman are by Ligne Roset, the Saarinen side table is by Knoll and the chairs are by Hans Wegner.

18. Set Up An Artsy Bookshelf

Spectacular living room wall inspiration #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

Inside a sophisticated New York apartment, a blank wall is given a museum-like quality with a bookshelf filled with reading material and collected treasures. Custom steel-and-oak stairs lead to the mini library.

19. Coordinated Arrangement with Initial Letters

Awesome living room wall showcase #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

This arrangement combines a variety of design elements to make a unified whole. A popular feature in rustic home décor is an oversized clock. Two name initials hang on the wall, one made of galvanized metal and the other in gray and white zigzag stripes. An assortment of family photos and lettered signs complete the look.

20. Incoporate Large-Scale Mirrors

Brilliant living room wall background #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

These large, window-like mirrors will add depth to the living space, while reflecting off of bright, neutral walls for added light.

21. Old Shutters with Small Mismatched Mirrors

Wonderful living room and kitchen wall colors #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

A large framed mirror is the centerpiece of this living room wall. On either side of the mirror hang two distressed white wooden shutters. From the shutters hang small, mismatched mirrors. The different mirrors give the room a sense of rustic charm. The beige and white design looks nice with the couch and cushions.

 22. Poem on the Wall with Old Ladder

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Old ladders are a popular feature of farmhouse and rustic decorating styles. This living room wall decor is a nice change from the usual. On top of the ladder, an arrow sign points at a large print with an inspirational poem. The poem inspires the viewer to take pride in their own personal power and not to let it go.

23. Thoughtful Sign in Typewriter Font

Famous living room wall niches #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

A simple and streamlined living room wall has a thoughtful sign in typewriter font. The sign reminds us to take the time to enjoy our lives. The shelf below the sign has a mirrored lamp and a small pot of greenery. This arrangement is a nice contrast to more cluttered designs.

24. Distressed Frames Hanging from Reclaimed Wood

Best living room wall gallery ideas #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

For a truly rustic look, try making reclaimed wood into wall hangers. Ornate drawer pulls accent the wooden hangers. From each drawer pull, a distressed frame is hung with black ribbon. Fill these frames with your own family photos for a complete look. It would look especially nice with black and white photos.

25. Simple Display of Tan Matted Photos

Amazing living room wall art pinterest #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

This living room wall decor makes a calming and understated balance to the beige and white upholstery. Many rustic wall arrangements are cluttered, but this one features only eight matted prints. The only touches of color in the room are the greenery pots on the coffee table.

26. Oversized Clock, Wall Vases, and “Stay” Sign

A Simple living room wall images #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

With galvanized wall vases and an oversized metal clock, this living room wall decor makes a bold statement. The vases are filled with muted flowers in silver tones to go with the galvanized material. A cute lettered sign hangs in the corner, inviting the visitor to come in and stay a while.

27. Family Banner on Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Inspiring living room wall colors 2015 #livingroomwalldecorideas #livingroomwalldecor #livingroomideas

The centerpieces of this wall arrangement are the recycled white shutters. A “Family” banner in burlap hangs across the shutters for a festive look. Over the shutters stands a white wall shelf. An empty frame, a pedestal with a globe, a faux topiary tree, and an initial letter stand on the shelf. A black and white clock completes the wall.

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