31+ Popular Small Bathroom Remodel Decorating Ideas

Choosing a small bathroom remodel design and function for your entire family can be both daunting and exciting.

Whether you’re revamping your old bathroom or going for an entirely new small bathroom design, there is a lot you have to think about.

But worry not, I’ve put together the best time-tested idea guide for your next small bathroom makeover.

As you read through the sections below, you will discover tons of brilliant ideas and tips that will help you plan the best ways to go about your update. From deciding how and where to start to find all the answers you need when looking to maximize space and make your small bathroom look roomier, it’s all here.

Read on, reader.

1. Add a Sliding Shower Door

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One of my favorite space-saving small bathroom ideas is to have a bi-fold door or a sliding door instead of the traditional swinging door.

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Most of the time, when you decorate a small bathroom you will get a problem of choosing a right door. You also need a perfect layout and furniture to fit in the room. If there isn’t much space, you can use the sliding door. If you are using swing door, make sure the door doesn’t open in front of the toilet. It’s better to open towards a wall.

3. Go With A Sliding Door

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Instead of a door on a hinge that, when open, takes up space in your small room, opt for a door on a rail that stays parallel with the wall at all times.


Amazing small bathroom 5 x 7 #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

The small bathroom in Emmy Rossum’s renovated home features a custom vanity with fittings by Kallista, a medicine cabinet by Robern and a sconce by Circa Lighting. The walls, sink and floor are lined in Ann Sacks Marbles.

5. Tile Tricks

A Simple small bathroom 2016 #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

Vary the size of the tiles to highlight the architectural details of the room.

Using light colored tiles (think white, beige or gray) is a crucial small bathroom flooring idea that helps enhance the space by reflecting light falling on it.

6. Do Not Let Anything Sticks Out from Walls

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The best we could suggest for small bathroom ideas is to avoid anything that sticks out from the walls, especially if you are having a super narrow bathroom. Do not ever try to put decorative shelves on it. Go with built-in shower cabinetry and towel ladders. It will make a simple and clean look bathroom, also make it look bigger but successfully presses only your half budget. Simple solution for a big impact!

7. Re-think Spice Racks

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Slim spice racks fit in super narrow spaces, and can corral much more than oregano and cinnamon. Hairspray and lotions are kept within easy, but tidy, reach.

8. Choose An Unusual Accent Color

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Brass shower accessories, like the door handle, knobs, and even drain, add decorative elements to the bathroom, which allows the room design as a whole to feel clean and open (but not overwhelming).


concept small bathroom plans 5 x 7 #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

The metallic-and-marble shower door and vanity in this Steven Gambrel-designed Manhattan home are custom-designed, and the floors and shower feature tiles by Mosaic House.

10. Add a Sliding Shower Door

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One of my favorite space-saving small bathroom ideas is to have a bi-fold door or a sliding door instead of the traditional swinging door.

If you use a frosted glass panel pocket door, it will give your privacy so the bathroom can be used by someone else, while another person bathes.

11. Only Use Two Color Combos

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If you are wondering what’s the best color you should use in a small bathroom. You can steal the look from small bathroom ideas. Two colors combos will work great in a small bath. One for wall color and another for accessories.

The most recommended color is white and others light color. Because it will brighten up the room. If you wanted to use the darker color, try to combine it with bright furniture and fixtures.

12. Never Block Windows

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Natural light is too important for cramped spaces to block with a dingy shower curtain. Instead, opt for clear glass doors instead.


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An inviting powder room in a Big Sky, Montana, home features walls clad in reclaimed whitewashed wood and a custom sink made of stone. The sink fittings, mirror, and wall light are by Waterworks.

14. Use Mirrors Creatively

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You have a choice of a flat mirror or a mirror cabinet. If you choose the flat mirror, consider a large mirror behind the sink that doesn’t cut at the waist or chest but drops down to the floor.

You can also put the mirror behind a light or opposite a window or even in the shower.

15. Lose the Bathtub

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Many people see have just a shower as a step back from having a luxury bath compared to the inclusion of bathtub, but if you invest in a modern shower system, you get a massage every time you step inside or a waterfall shower with heated tiles.

You can even add some soothing warm neon lights inside the shower if you want to add some romance or passion to the room.

16. Same Tiles on The Walls and The Floor

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A clever trick to make a small bathroom look bigger is to choose the same tiles on the walls and the floor. Not only does the natural stone in this family bathroom add a spa-style touch, but the continuous run of tiles creates a spacious feel, along with the wall-hung fixtures that save on floor area.

If natural stone feels too neutral, you can easily pep it up with strong color pops with your towels, storage, and accessories, such as unique round lamp. Indeed, it is an on a budget way to add personality to your bathroom.

17. Don’t Block The Shower

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Skip the foggy glass or dark curtain, and opt for glass doors. It’ll make the shower feel like livable square footage.


Spectacular small bathroom grey and white #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

In a laid-back New York City apartment, the bathroom vanity and tub are by Waterworks, the fittings are by Lefroy Brooks and the sconces are by Ozone. The walls and floor are sheathed in Calacatta Viola marble.

19. Add a See-Thru Shower Enclosure

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A great small bathroom shower idea is to change your shower enclosure to glass or see-thru material rather than tile or cement walls.

You can even go one step further by getting the shower enclosures that do not have the aluminum support that runs the full length but have holders in strategic places which lends a more muted look and does not break the flow of light and sight.

20. Diagonally Floor Tiles Look Super to Your Small Space

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Here is another best decor suggestion for small bathrooms ideas, place floor tiles on a diagonal! This will give the room an illusion of being larger. Diagonally laid tile adds a kind of controlled chaotic nature that lends spark and vibrancy to your small bathroom.

Look at the picture, how big tiles look super to your small space. To complete the look, do not forget to glass shower door and bring in some plants to give fresh vibes and super relaxing look.


Wonderful small bathroom false ceiling #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

In an imperial getaway near St. Petersburg, a narrow bathroom is given ornamental details with a mirror from the 1940s and a 1950s stool from Newel. The 1970s chandelier was found in Palm Beach, the curtains are of a silk by Manuel Canovas and the bathroom’s sink, tub and fittings are by Villeroy & Boch.


Popular small bathroom extension #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

Who said pebbles are just meant for the beach? Skin LLC designed this bath, featuring floor-to-ceiling pebbled tile and sand-inspired hues.

23. Shrink the sink!

Famous small bathroom 4 x 6 #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

Who says you have to buy a standard sink? There are tons of different sink sizes from narrow and elongated to short and stubby. There are also smaller-sized toilets that you can get to increase your floor space.

Traditional sinks can end up taking a lot of room in a pint-sized room. So go for a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink to allow natural light and maintain a feeling of open space.

24. Wall Mounted Toilet? Why Not!

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The best way to maximize a small bathroom is by using wall hung sets of cabinetry and toilets with oversized floor tile. The other thing is the ambiance that was created by using white fixture, clear glass shower, and large-glossy marble tiles. That was one of the best and elegant small bathrooms idea. Or, go check the bathroom wall decor. It will totally inspire you to find the best way to maximize your toilet space through wall decoration.


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This modern Miami bathroom is given the illusion of a larger space due to its coordinating marble, used on the walls, vanity and flooring.

26. Raise the Curtains

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If you can’t do a glass shower enclosure and have to use a shower curtain, then raise the height of the curtain rod as high as possible. This will make the room seem taller and elongate the room.

If you have windows with curtains, use tall narrow curtains to help lengthen the room.

27. Glass Door’s Shower

Inspiring small bathroom utility cart #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

We bet every bathroom with showers will have shower curtains. Don’t you think it’s a bit too old? Let us give an extra idea to transform your small bathroom into an updated look.  Use glass as the walk-in shower door. It will make the room less cramped and bring natural lighting beautifully into the room. What do you think?

28. Merge your Laundry Room

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This is an extreme idea and only works if you have an adjacent laundry room to your small bathroom. Have you ever considered the idea of combining your laundry room and your bathroom?

If you want, why not put the washer/dryer beneath your sink on inside a closet. This will allow you to break down a wall if the laundry room is beside the bathroom. Ultimately this will increase the size of the bathroom, though making it a dual-purpose room.

29. Choosing a Vanity for a Small Bathroom

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Redesigning a small bathroom to create more space requires a marriage of form and functionaesthetics and comfort. Vanities in a small bathroom can play a huge role in this aspect.

30. Corner or angled stall

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A smart architect or renovation contractor can set your walk-in shower in one corner of the small bathroom. You could also neo-angle this space to create more surface area inside the walk-in shower.

31. Add some pizazz

Unique small bathroom vanities 16 depth #smallbathroomideas #smallbathroomremodel #smallbathroomremodelideas

Smart decorating ideas like adding a marble doorway to the walk-in shower can add a huge visual impact, taking away attention from the small bathroom.

The area inside and outside the shower can be visually linked using the same tiles and flooring. This creates a continuous visual link to make the bathroom roomier.

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